Training and Personal Development Update

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hi all,

From our final round of applicants for AU Sport grant training allocations, we congratulate the following members:

  • Marc Phillis - Oxygen provider;
  • James Young - First aid;
  • Nino Bartolovic - Seamanship and VHF radio; and
  • Zijing Du - First aid.
Just a reminder to all our members who have received training grant assistance, that they must complete their no training no later than 11/11/2017.

We hope to see all our applicants around the club soon putting their new skills to good use (or hoping not to use those skills where possible, in the cases of first aid and oxygen provider hehe).

David Warren, 25/10/2017.

Adelaide White Pointers UWR Team in Sydney nODEX 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Here's our latest UWR competition news!

The Adelaide White Pointers team of the Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club and the wider Australian underwater rugby (UWR) community spent the weekend of 23-24 September in Sydney for the 2017 nODEX tournament.

Excitingly, this was the first Australian UWR tournament to have several competitive women’s teams Yaahoo! The Adelaide White Pointers joined forces with Canberra and NZ, to make a hybrid ‘Silver Dogsharks’ team. Other women’s teams were the UNSW Platypuses, the Victorian Seadragons, and a combined Hobart/Brisbane team. Each team fought it out with passion, good-natured rivalry and strong team spirit. I think all of us ladies were also enjoying the sense of growing women’s empowerment in the Australian UWR arena.

Overall the Hobart/Brisbane women’s team claimed the gold, the Vic Seadragons silver, and the Sydney Platypuses the bronze. The newly formed Silver Dogsharks did not make a win; this time.

A whopping 11 teams made up the mixed-team component of the tournament: the Adelaide Whitepointers, UNSW whales (A and B), Victoria Seadragons (A and B), Canberra Underdogs (A and B), UniDive Gauls, Tasmanian Convicts, New Zealand, and the Eastern Stallions (an underwater hockey team, that having never played UWR before, blew us away with their skills). The Perth team was unable to attend as they won the National Championships earlier in May 2017 and are saving for the Champions Cup in Berlin.

The mixed teams fought hard and long for the medals. Some teams made astounding wins over teams once thought more skilled. The Canberra underdogs A team returned home with bronze, the UNSW Whales A secured the silver, and the UniDive Gauls claimed the gold.

Having attended the ODEX tournament in 2015, I was amazed at how the event has since doubled in size. This year, tents and bodies were overflowing from the lawns around the outdoor pool, and several teams were using the grandstand seats above the adjoining lap-pool at Sydney’s Ashfield Aquatic Centre.

Adelaide White Pointers team sent 4 new players from the club to their first ever UWR tournament. Considering that some players have only been learning the game for 2 months, they are extremely proud of their 8th place out of 11 teams in the mixed competition. Well done to all players for an amazing effort!

Being a Canberra Underdog myself, I enjoyed the opportunity to play on a team with the Adelaide UWR ladies. No nicer way to bond than a weekend spent around a sunny poolside.

Written by Alice Bauer (Canberra Underdogs UWR team)

Training and Personal Development Support

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hi all,

We have a small amount of budget remaining for those members who would like to extend their skills in first aid, oxygen provider, seamanship, or VHF radio. This is the final chance to complete training for 2017, and should be done in the next month.

If you are interested in applying, can you complete an application form (as per the form on the Website's Training page) by Thursday 19/10/2017 at 17:00 hr? This is primarily aimed at those members who have joined the Club this semester, however if you are an active member who would like to help give back to the Club following your training, then you should still apply nonetheless. Cheers.

David Warren, Training Coordinator

UWR Women's National Training Camp

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hi everyone,
Adelaide White Pointers hosted the first of five training camps that will determine selection of the Women’s Underwater Rugby National Team.  With the financial support from the Adelaide City Council and assistance of inter- and intra-state volunteers, each day over the weekend (August 26-27) consisted of 4-5 hours of pool-training at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre and additional skill and tactic training sessions.  Now, we won’t be able to share any of our training secrets, but we will all be training hard to improve speed, endurance, and flexibility – you can look for our improvements at future tournaments, such as nODEX in Sydney this September 23-24.

Coach Freydick Corrales was excited to being training the 42 female attendees and will, with the assistance of Captain Charlotte Jordans (Adelaide White Pointers) and Selectors Mustafa Amiruddeen (Adelaide White Pointers) and Angus Lamin (Victoria Seadragons), define and shape the final 15 members of the Women’s National Team, which will compete in the 2019 World Cup in Austria.


Secretary Vacancy

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hi all,

In AUSC Committee news, we have a vacancy for Secretary that we are hoping to fill. The Secretary’s primary role is helping to organise meetings and document minutes. The Secretary has also been fulfilling the membership portfolio, and so is a first contact for any new members and membership queries. The rest of the Committee can help with any questions while you find your feet. If you would be interested in taking on this position, please contact myself.

Note in the interim, myself and Ralph will help support this vacancy.


Modra Paulson
Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club Inc. (AUSC)

Training and Personal Development Support Results

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hi all,

Following the opening and review of applications for AU Sport training and personal development, the AUSC Committee would like to congratulate the following members:

First Aid

  • Francesco Patrizi;
  • James Redden;
  • Matt Westlake; and
  • Steven Saffi;

Oxygen Provider

  • Francesco Patrizi;
  • James Redden; and
  • Matt Westlake.


  • Alicia Strous;
  • Francesco Patrizi;
  • James Redden;
  • Marc Phillis;
  • Matt Westlake; and
  • Stephanie Gray.

VHF Radio

  • Francesco Patrizi;
  • Gail Jackman;
  • James Redden;
  • Marc Phillis;
  • Modra Paulson;
  • Stephanie Gray;
  • Steven Saffi; and
  • Tim Brown.

Underwater Rugby Refereeing

Further investigation is currently being conducted to consideration of holding course in Adelaide.

These members will look to undertake this training in the next few months, and with hope, these candidates can continue to give back to the club via the uptake of taking the boat out, active member duties, further underwater rugby coaching, underwater rugby game refereeing etc.

There is a small pool of funding support remaining, should any further members be interested in further development. E-mail Information Officer for any further questions or comments.

David Warren, 19/06/2017

Training and Personal Development Support

Friday, June 9, 2017

Qualified boat handler Mark Sutcliffe uses his boat handling and radio skills
Hi all,

With thanks to Adelaide University Sport, AUSC has funding for members to develop their skills for the benefit of AUSC.

The following courses are included:

  • First aid courses (up to $600);
  • Seamanship - boat handling (up to $500);
  • Oxygen provider (up to $500);
  • VHF radio certification (up to $720); and
  • Underwater rugby referee courses (up to $500).
AUSC is currently seeking member interest at participating in these courses. Only current AUSC members may apply for this training.

To apply, complete the application form at the following link, and submit no later than Wednesday 14/06/2017 by 6:00 p.m. The application question responses should be brief and not onerous.

For any further questions, please e-mail me at

David Warren,
Information Officer.

Steven and Tim practising their reel skills (or otherwise spinning a web?)