Dive - Aldinga Pinnacles 3/12/2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fantastic day on the water today! A full boat, fun people, terrific conditions, great dive site, visiting dolphins and what's the collective noun for a heap of Port Jackson sharks? Mark Sutcliffe, Kirsty Jeffree and Drew, Georgia Hogg, Ange Dodd, Wayne Leifert, Michael McDonald and Steven Saffi.

Nice, fast run in Vitamin Sea to Aldings Pinnacles. Chose a chunk of reef at random and followed the anchor line down to a pair of Port Jacksons snoozing in a cozy nook. A couple of metres more and a few more Pt Jacksons - another metre and a shovel-nose ray - 1/2 metre and a big stingaree, then 7 more Pt Jacksons cuddling in a cranny - then a few more Pt Jacksons. Heaps of canyons, swim-throughs, a few cowries, oodles of fish, Old Wives, Long-snouted Boarfish - the list goes on. Second dive was a few 100 metres west - more canyons, windows, arches etc etc etc.

Third dive was on Star of Greece for 20 mins or so. Many thanks to Mark for organising and to Ange for driving the boat back to the ramp. Only question is - why weren't there a few more dozen divers trying to get a seat on the boat? I guess there are a few things I'll just never understand. Thanks to my fellow divers for a great day! Can't wait to do it all again soon.

Tim Brown, 3/12/2016.

Local Dive - Glenelg Barge 27/11/2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Danielle Bailetti
Four divers headed out to “The Barge” on sunny Sunday morning 27th Nov 2016. The enthusiastic dive group consisted of David Warren (President and skipper for the day), Wayne Leifert, Danielle Bailetti and Janana Wijesuriya.

We all met at the club rooms at 9am, then headed down to the VERY busy West Beach boat ramp, which attracted a large contingence of boaties, it was chaotic (especially when returning, I counted 21 boats in the water at the boat ramp!!). We had a beautiful and leisurely drive out to the dive site in full sun and calm waters. Wayne and Danielle did the first dive followed by David and Janana. Dives were approximately 40-45 minutes, 19m maximum depth, 18 degrees and wonderful visibility of about 10-15 m.

Inside the Glenelg Barge
Wayne Leifert
All the “usual critters” were on fine display for us, including a variety of crab species, Hula Fish, Old Wives, Magpie Perch, Goat Fish, Dusky Morwong (Strongfish), Leatherjackets, massive schools of Bullseyes, schools of mackerel and whiting, and the tiny little Blennies were out and about too. The divers had big smiles afterwards and all agreed it was a great dive. If the weather keeps up, we look forward to more great diving as summer begins.

Dr Wayne Leifert, 28th Nov 2016.

Policies Update

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hi all,

Over the last few months, the club has updated several policies, and can be accessed by the Documents section from the website.

The main policy that may be of interest to our scuba diver members is the Experienced Dive Site Policy Rev1. Changes have been made to align to diving certification depth limits to SA dive sites, and ensure the policy conforms. Previously, the policy used 22 m as a guide to assess "Experienced Dive Sites", however Revision 1 now advises that open water divers should also keep within their depth limit of 18 m.

The Membership Policy Rev5 has also had minor updates.

Other policies updated relevant to the committee include:

David Warren, 22/11/2016.

AU Sport Training Grants 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

With thanks to AU Sport, the club has been successful in gaining funding to have subsidised/free positions for the following courses:

  • Seamanship;
  • Oxygen provider;
  • First aid certificate courses; and
  • Stress and rescue courses.

This equated to a combined total of $3,150 to be awarded to members to utilise training courses for the development of member skills and risk mitigation purposes.

Training grants were awarded to the following AUSC members, who are busy completing their training before end of November:

  • Angela Dodd;
  • Daniel "Ralph" Kinasz;
  • Daniel Milne;
  • Elias Scanlon;
  • Gail Jackman;
  • Jacqui Slater;
  • Jaimee Slater;
  • Jessica Wrigley;
  • Lim Bin;
  • Lyndon Zimmermann;
  • Mark Sutcliffe;
  • Mia Vandergoot;
  • Stephanie Derwent Smith;
  • Stephen Saffi; and
  • Tim Brown.

If there are any new members or members that missed out on training grants, e-mail Jess (secretary@adelaidescuba.com) as there are a few grants that have become available.

Dive Norma 25/09/2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

Three divers headed out to the Norma wreck on Sunday from North Haven boat ramp, and although the sky didn’t look encouraging when we all woke up, it turned out to be a nice day when the sun came out. Vitamin Sea was taken out by skipper in training Steven, with the usual advantages talked up of the quietness of the engine. The dive went well, with a large wobbegong shark observed under the wreckage. Nice schools of fish, and a nice shiny anchor was observed early in the dive, but alas was not retrieved when it wasn’t swam past again. Visibility was only 4-5 m, but from all the previous storms and washoffs, it should be improving in the next few weeks.

David Warren, 28/09/2016.

Underwater Rugby - Pan Pacific Championships 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Underwater Rugby  - Pan Pacific Championships 2016

28-29 May 2016, Brisbane

 Written by Grace Jordans,
 featuring images from interstate players
Wybrand Du Toit and Nick Drewitt Smith.  

As one of the youngest members of the Adelaide White Pointers Underwater Rugby Team, the chance to compete in Brisbane in the Pan Pacific games is just part of being in an emerging sport.  I’ve been involved for the last 18 months, so I’m fairly new to it, but one of the coaches of our team has played for both the Danish and Australian National teams, a great head start for anyone taking part.  The level of experience of many players involved in the Pan Pacifics is very high, and with a large representation of overseas players, I’ll not only learn heaps but am sure to have people to stay with wherever I go in my gap year. Cheap accommodation everywhere!

The team for the Pan Pacifics was a little small so some NS Whales were recruited.

And of course there was the women's national team too, featuring two of our top players Ingvild and Charlotte.
  The Brisbane trip has been a huge highlight for me, with the White Pointers competing against other state teams - the Whales, the Raiders, the Convicts, the Gauls (A and B teams), the Seadragons and the Underdogs.  We also had a team from Singapore and the men’s and women’s national teams.  The events ran quickly around the pool through the day, with plenty of time afterwards to get to know everyone and have a bit of fun.  We were a little short for players and recruited some of the Sydney’s ‘Whales’ over to the ‘shark side’ to bolster our ranks, but nothing could stop Sydney from taking out the top spot.

 The competition was good, but the spirit of everyone involved was just incredible.  On the last day with some spare pool time, we were able to hold some mixed team games and try out new positions.  I think this was my favourite part, and I learned a lot about how the different teams operate and think about the game. 

 This is a great sport, and I really enjoy it.  If anyone is thinking about having a go, then I would highly recommend coming down.  You are sure to get a friendly welcome and have a chance to experience something really different that is great fun.  Who knows, you might just be representing our state in a few months! 

Vitamin Sea Commissioning 4/06/2016

Saturday, June 4, 2016

AUSC members who helped to christen Vitamin Sea.
AUSC's new boat was finally commissioned with her first dive.

The day came with Ralph rigging up a wine christening device, and curtain over the boat's name.

New boat name is proudly shown on the console, thanks to Mark.

Steven Saffi prepares the temporary rigging in the absence of an installed tank rack.

David Warren, 4/06/2016.