Underwater Rugby Beginner Program 1/03/2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Do you want to try out Underwater Rugby and learn more about this amazing 3D sport? Join our first ever Underwater Rugby Beginners Program commencing Wednesday the 1st of March 2017. 

This five week course will cover everything from the rules of the game and how to use snorkelling equipment, all the way through to advanced tactics and strategies.

Each week will involve a combination of skills and fitness training to help you prepare for games. We’ll then put those skills into practice with modified rules games, designed to be beginner-friendly and fun for all.

While the course is aimed at beginners, we will also be catering for players who might have a bit of experience. 

Who: You and all your friends (or enemies if they’re keen). All skill levels catered for.

What: Skills, fitness and game play training over five weeks, with the option to stay on another five if you are addicted.

When: Wednesday nights from the 1st of March 2017 until Wednesday the 3rd of May 2017. 

We meet at 7:30pm at the pool and finish around 9:30pm.

Where: Thebarton Aquatic Centre

Bring: Swimmers, mask, snorkel, fins. Spare gear is available to borrow.

$50 for AUSC members
$70 for Adelaide University Students (inc. $20 AUSC membership)
$100 for non- AU students (inc. $20 AUSC membership)
This covers pool entry, equipment, insurance and membership to the scuba diving club (with opportinities to snorkel and dive in SA's great ocean).

Payment due by 27 Feb to secure your place. 

Interested? Please contact us on

AGM 16/03/2017 Notice

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hi all,

Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club’s AGM is scheduled for Thursday 16/03/2017. The agenda, proxy forms, and officer reports are available on AUSC’s website under Meetings. This documentation is currently available to members only, and include:

The club is required to vote in a new Committee for 2017-2018 on this date under the requirements of our Constitution. A description of the responsibilities of the executive, officers and general members is available in the Committee Portfolios Policy, and if you would like to know more, feel free to have a chat to any of the current serving committee members. If you are interested in serving on the Committee, you may advise the Secretary by e-mail prior to the AGM, or nominate during the meeting.

The UWR Subcommittee is also required to be voted in under the requirements of the UWR Subcommittee Terms of Reference. This Subcommittee is responsible for developing underwater rugby training and competitiveness on behalf of the Committee. Again, you may advise the Secretary by e-mail prior to the AGM, or nominate during the meeting.

If you wish to add any other business to the AGM’s agenda, then e-mail the Secretary. 


David Warren

Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club Inc. (AUSC)

UWR Melbourne Women's Training Camp

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Victorian Seadragon's Underwater Rugby Team hosted a training camp specifically for women during January 2017 - a first for Australia!

Our coach Charlotte Jordans designed the program and taught skills like ball handling, scoring, and the need for determination and fierceness if women are to become stronger players as individuals. Juan Cardenas assisted in teaching half the group since there were up to 17 women participating on one day!

Katherine Heldt, Mia Vandergoot, Alicia Strous and Angela Dodd flew to Melbourne to take part.

The Seadragons were super welcoming and generously  provided transport and accomodation during the whole camp!

The event was challenging but it was great to focus on individual skills, rather than on strategy and teamwork at a training camp. Each technique was adaptable for women of different sizes and this flexibility was great, since normal training camps often teach techniques that require more strength.

Mia scored her first goal, and Ange tried new scoring techniques dubbed the 'corkscrew' and 'slam dunk'. Expect to see fiercer females as a result of this training camp too, with a lot of emphasis on techniques to out-manoeuver larger and stronger players.

Upon returning to Adelaide, an extra training session was used to pass on the skills learned to other female players in South Australia. New players were introduced to the sport and learned to snorkel, while more experienced players could focus on specific scoring methods and build up the muscle memory to perform them quickly during a game.

Thanks to the Victorian Seadragons for hosting and to Charlotte Jordans for creating a brilliant program!

Underwater Rugby – National Championships Melbourne 2016

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Melbourne 17th – 18th September 2016
Written by Miro Pliszco

The Adelaide White Pointers sent a team to the Underwater Rugby National Championships in Melbourne. There was a lot of preparation for the event, with individual focus on fitness and breath hold. Two of our players achieved 66m underwater swims (with fins) with everyone improving markedly. Team strategies were planned in detail to aim towards our first victory at a national level. Weeks of preparations in a 5 meter deep pool were thoroughly tested during the tournament. 

Despite challenging slopes at the bottom of the pool, the Victorian Seadragons created
a fantastic backboard which was very stable and strong enough to kick off of, just like a real wall. 

  Also, during the competition we could master our skills not only as a players but also as certified referees … 
White Pointers could compete neck to neck with the best. For many situations the team could set up a perfected defence, and when possible went straight to counterattack. These strategies brought Adelaide White Pointers to the first victory at a national competition! 

  The White Pointers brought a strong team to the tournament, and managed to win one game against the Canberra Underdogs. This was a milestone for underwater rugby in South Australia. While a good fight was put up in all our games, some were lost to stronger teams with more experienced players. Our winning game can be viewed here

A part of the tournament is always the great opportunity to meet with others and share the passion of underwater sports … see you down under on the next one!

Strategy in the making, poolside. 

Underwater images taken from the video footage provided by Victoria Seadragons.

Dive Norma and John Robb 21/01/2017

Saturday, January 21, 2017

John Robb and The Norma. Beautiful day on and under the water. Launched out of North Haven with Gail Jackman, Jenny Cunningham, Mark Sutcliffe, Steven Saffi, and Kirsty Jeffree and Drew NJ.
A long drive to the John Robb, but it was a great day and Vitamin Sea is quiet enough and stable enough to allow excited conversation on our way to the little-dived John Robb. Took us a few minutes to find it on sonar at 20m and then Drew dropped the anchor pretty much right on the wreck. The John Robb is pretty broken up and not terribly big. Not a wreck to rush back to, but nice enough to potter around. Big Gurnard Perch, Common Stinkfish, nudi and the usual suspects.
We then headed off to the Norma, which was a different experience altogether. A much bigger wreck that was dynamited as a hazard to shipping. Big chunks of wreckage and the structure of the lower part of the ship can still be seen on the 14m bottom. Big enough pieces to hide big wobbies (2 large, 1 medium and 1 small), nudies, schools of whiting(?), a blue devil, cowfish, moonlighters, long-snouted boarfish, old wives, Western Talma and a heap of others. A couple of inquisitive and fearless squid and a cuttle. Lovely dive - my dive time was 87 minutes. Plenty of cruising yachts around and they didn't care how close they got to us or our deployed SMBs.
All in all - another great day on the water.
I can't believe we didn't have both boats out - Tour Down Under couldn't be as good as Dive Down Under!

Tim Brown, 21/01/2017.

Dive - Aldinga Pinnacles 3/12/2016

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fantastic day on the water today! A full boat, fun people, terrific conditions, great dive site, visiting dolphins and what's the collective noun for a heap of Port Jackson sharks? Mark Sutcliffe, Kirsty Jeffree and Drew, Georgia Hogg, Ange Dodd, Wayne Leifert, Michael McDonald and Steven Saffi.

Nice, fast run in Vitamin Sea to Aldings Pinnacles. Chose a chunk of reef at random and followed the anchor line down to a pair of Port Jacksons snoozing in a cozy nook. A couple of metres more and a few more Pt Jacksons - another metre and a shovel-nose ray - 1/2 metre and a big stingaree, then 7 more Pt Jacksons cuddling in a cranny - then a few more Pt Jacksons. Heaps of canyons, swim-throughs, a few cowries, oodles of fish, Old Wives, Long-snouted Boarfish - the list goes on. Second dive was a few 100 metres west - more canyons, windows, arches etc etc etc.

Third dive was on Star of Greece for 20 mins or so. Many thanks to Mark for organising and to Ange for driving the boat back to the ramp. Only question is - why weren't there a few more dozen divers trying to get a seat on the boat? I guess there are a few things I'll just never understand. Thanks to my fellow divers for a great day! Can't wait to do it all again soon.

Tim Brown, 3/12/2016.

Local Dive - Glenelg Barge 27/11/2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Danielle Bailetti
Four divers headed out to “The Barge” on sunny Sunday morning 27th Nov 2016. The enthusiastic dive group consisted of David Warren (President and skipper for the day), Wayne Leifert, Danielle Bailetti and Janana Wijesuriya.

We all met at the club rooms at 9am, then headed down to the VERY busy West Beach boat ramp, which attracted a large contingence of boaties, it was chaotic (especially when returning, I counted 21 boats in the water at the boat ramp!!). We had a beautiful and leisurely drive out to the dive site in full sun and calm waters. Wayne and Danielle did the first dive followed by David and Janana. Dives were approximately 40-45 minutes, 19m maximum depth, 18 degrees and wonderful visibility of about 10-15 m.

Inside the Glenelg Barge
Wayne Leifert
All the “usual critters” were on fine display for us, including a variety of crab species, Hula Fish, Old Wives, Magpie Perch, Goat Fish, Dusky Morwong (Strongfish), Leatherjackets, massive schools of Bullseyes, schools of mackerel and whiting, and the tiny little Blennies were out and about too. The divers had big smiles afterwards and all agreed it was a great dive. If the weather keeps up, we look forward to more great diving as summer begins.

Dr Wayne Leifert, 28th Nov 2016.